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Unlock Success with our Roofing process Step by Step

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Our roof replacement process starts with a comprehensive inspection of your roof. We then provide you with a detailed plan of action for your roof replacement. Our experienced technicians will then get to work on replacing your roof, taking care to ensure that the job is done right from start to finish. Finally, we'll inspect and check your roof once more to make sure everything is up to code before we call the job complete.

Step 1

Free Roof Inspection

Whether you've already received an inspection from your insurance company or another roofing company, we will always perform our own professional roof inspection to verify findings.

One of the most accurate and trusted inspections in the industry you will receive a full assessment report & review with a Tribeca Roofing professional

Step 2

Choose Tribeca as your roofing contractor

Once your roof inspection is completed, Tribeca Roofing can proceed with service.

We have a stellar reputation in the roofing industry

We've assisted hundreds of homeowners with our roofing process

Step 3

Insurance Claim, Cash, or Financing

Whether you're filing an insurance claim, paying cash, or are using our new roof financing option, we'll make sure the payment, contract, and claim process is smooth and secure.

We provide your insurance company with a statement of work

We offer financing if you aren't filing a claim or if your claim is denied

Step 4

We Work Our Roofing Magic

Once all the formalities are taken care of and your project is scheduled, our expert roofing contractors will show up, complete the project, clean up, and finish with a quality assurance inspection.

Roofing projects completed in a timely fashion

Project site is left free of materials or debris


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